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So tomm im goting to orintation(sp? XD) tomm and meet my big sis(im going into 10th but they must do it for newcomers too)at my new school.I hope i dont have the bottem locker(if the is one @_@).Well i got my uniform,my books but still need a bookbag and the rest of the supplies.

Ooo!I drawn on this doremi oekaki for sometime and there was this thing were Moesu(the dude who runs the site) asked the peeps there to draw a specic thing,this time it was dore characters in bathingsuits(it wasn't a contest).I did a hazuki one,i really like the bg,all watery and stuff.


Next post will probaly display the "friends only" banner(drawn by me,woo...)and its not chobits!I mean i like chobits but almost EVERY friends only journals i came across had chobits F-O banners,its like chii saying"Chi-password denied!"

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